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Whether you are an insurance company, TPA, insurance defense law firm, risk manager, private law firm, or corporation / business owner, we at Lemieux & Associates are intensely aware of the issues concerning your investigative needs. This is a skill honed by experience, practice and the ability to truly listen to our clients.

Our investigative team is comprised of highly motivated and skilled investigators with diverse backgrounds, who collectively average more than 15 years of investigative experience. Our pool of investigators, both male and female, includes former law enforcement, insurance industry professionals, ex-military personnel, criminal justice majors and advanced degreed professionals. Lemieux & Associates is committed to the thorough training and continuing education of all of our investigators. Our proven methodologies and systematic approach cover not only surveillance and basic investigations, but also complex and highly contested matters. We have a number of bilingual investigators on staff.

Our state of the art technology provides our clients with the ability to read reports, view photographs and streaming video, and review investigative results from a secure web site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This innovative technology takes our clients along on the case and provides them with updates as they happen. This increased communication and case management ability helps our clients make informed decisions.

No Risk Guarantee

Quality investigative work and reporting are paramount within the culture of Lemieux & Associates. We have taken many steps to ensure impeccable service and reporting procedures to provide complete client satisfaction, as well as longevity of partnerships. Lemieux & Associates addresses quality assurance by employing only the best investigators and staff. By

searching out motivated, seasoned, and experienced investigators, along with providing them with a positive work environment, we can ensure that the investigative work is of the highest quality available. If you ever feel a case has not been worked to your satisfaction, please make us aware of the shortcoming. We will do all that we can to remedy the issue, and adjust the invoice to reflect an amount you feel is fair.

That is our No Risk Guarantee!

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