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Lemieux & Associates Client Accolades 2016:


“You have received great reviews from our NY staff.” “Overall Lemieux Associates is now approved in CT, MA, and NY. Thanks for your great work.”

    ~ B Crosby

“I was speaking with our Syracuse office this morning about some administrative stuff when we started speaking about investigative services in general. They had mentioned you had a chance to stop by. A little history, NY has always been the challenge for me when it came to investigative vendors, no vender was good enough. Well, Lemieux has changed that, they made it a point to say that are very pleased with the work being provided. Coming from our NY staff, this is really high praise. Thank you!”

    ~B Crosby

“The investigator spoke with the client regarding further action in this case. The client stated, he was very impressed this investigator had the Trumbull Police Department re-open the investigation. At this time, the client requested the case closed due to the fact all special instructions were met by this investigator. If the Trumbull Police Department ends up making an arrest, the client will contact our office to re-open the case.”

    ~S Larkin

“Thanks! You guys did an awesome job on this one.”

    ~M Essig


“Thanks so much for helping me on this difficult assignment. Juan was very efficient and professional and took the extra step to drop off the completed paperwork directly to our office after meeting with the client. I look forward to working with him again.”
    ~ G Sniadack


“Just wanted to let you know, that the past few assignments I gave to Bob Reese were done so quickly and efficiently.  I no sooner sent the request or spoke to him about what we needed for an upcoming trial and it was done within hours.  He also kept in contact with Melissa Papantones of my office over the weekend re service of a subpoena.  Photos I requested were perfect.  I had to bug him to send smaller versions – done in a New York Minute!!”
    ~ D Signore


“Everything went very well with the assignment. Your company does nice work. I will definitely use you in the future!”
    ~ P Napier


“Hi Jenn!
Everything went wonderfully!  I had a nice long discussion with Brian when the case was first received and he was extremely personable and happy for the assignment.  Absolutely nothing to complain about and I’ll continue to refer and use your company”
    ~ B Johnson


“Hi Jenn –
If these assignments were easy we’d do them ourselves!!  Your people did a very thorough job and at least we know the facts now.”  
    ~ E Landy


“You folks are super-efficient.   We really appreciate all of your hard work.”

    ~ J Dupont

“I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate the wonderful work that your team does.  I’ve have a couple recent cases with your investigators, and it’s always comforting to know that when I call or need something, your guys (and gals!) always go above and beyond the ‘call of duty’.  So, THANK YOU, for having a wonderful team, and keep up the awesome work!”

    ~L Flynn

“OMG you guys ROCK!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!”

    ~S McDougal

“Bob, Great Job!!!!!!!! Thank you.”

    ~T Roy

“You guys are the best! SO appreciate this Bob. Thank you very much.”

    ~A Cullinan

“Our office loves you guys!”

    ~N Doherty

“Thank you so much for the prompt search and report!”

    ~R Castiglione

“Everything was good! Jeff Connor did a great job!”

    ~M Harris

“Yes! you guys came through again – thank you very much!!! ☺”

    ~D Maffei

“Yes, we did and it was a nice surprise to get the results this early.”

    ~D Sanders

“Your company continues to impress us. (Keep up the good work)”

    ~M Hartman

“Jeff, as an aside, kudos to Reginald for a job well done. TW”

~T Wood

“Thanks Jeff. Nice work on this one!”

    ~N Joyner

“Thanks much and a job well done by your investigator. I’ll use him again as his responsiveness and professionalism were excellent.”

    ~T Wood

Good work done by Mr. Brooks – please make sure he is recognized for his timely updates to me and thorough investigation.”

    ~T Wood

EXCELLENT work by the investigator on his pre-surveillance investigation!

    ~R Peterson


“You guys are awesome. Thank you!”

    ~B Gossen,

“Your report was very helpful, and will be of particular importance if we are appealed. Thanks again for the quick turnaround.”

    ~T Regan

“I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy working with your company!  Bob Reese and Mike Calnan are the top performers in my book!  They both are very professional and very easy for work with.  We all have a very solid relationship and that makes my job so much easier!! Your company are always willing to go the "extra step" that most surveillance companies would not do. I wanted to let you know that I appreciate working with you! Take care!”

    ~A Alltop

“Excellent- you are the best in the business.”

    ~C Powell

“Excellent work!”

    ~ Powell

“Excellent – thank you. BTW – kudos to your investigator for a great job going covert in the gym!!”

    ~ Beatty

“Thanks for the excellent follow up on this! Sounds like the new investigator is working out well. ☺”

    ~D Farrey


“Good Morning, Yes, Mike did a good job. We received good footage and he was great about following up with me as I had requested. The report was very timely as well. Overall I was very pleased with the experience and look forward to working with you guys again.”

    ~V Lawrence

"I was very happy with all aspects of the case. Everyone I spoke with was professional and nice. I really appreciate the work put into this case."

    ~C Hodge

“I just wanted to send you a quick email you and let you know that Mike did a great job. It was probably one of the most difficult interviews I have assigned and Mike hit all the points.

    ~D Sherwood


“I was very happy with all aspects of the case. Everyone I spoke with was professional and nice. I really appreciate the work put into this case"

    ~C Hodge

“No problem at all.  I have been very pleased with the work that has been done on cases I have referred to Lemieux so far. I will make sure to come in hungry on Monday, thank you so much!!!”    ~J

“Plaintiffs demand was $1 million. We ended up settling the case for $35,000. So yes, I would say the surveillance was worth it. Client was thrilled with your work.”

    ~M Esty


“Hello Bob; this claim, was handled by Lemieux, for J Olsen; it was a great job, the Lemieux Investigator was able to ascertain that the incident was on video; canvassed and found the location of the CCTV camera, obtained video, made our case We didn’t even know there was video, great work, as always!”


    ~ J Ferris

“You all are fantastic, I could not be happier with how quickly your firm completed this request!!"

    ~ J Cook

“Another Fantastic File, thank you so much. Your team is so expeditious. I’m definitely using your firm for all of my IA needs. Thanks again.”

    ~ J Cook


    ~J Olsen

“Jennifer, Doug, George, Jeff, just for your records, subject was arrested as per Doug's excellent work.”

    ~ M Sepanara


“George, Excellent. Thanks for making this an easy process.”

    ~ P Salaza

“Thanks, I am impressed that (on) one of the cases your investigator already contacted our insured.”

    ~ M Scicchittano

“I wanted to commend John for his handling of the below issue. He not only took ownership, but addressed Tara’s request in an expeditious fashion. John’s actions reflect positively upon himself and Lemieux & Associates. Tara was delighted with his response. Keep up the good work!”

    ~S Kucala


“I’m working with Melissa and Kelly on a case in Jacksonville, FL, and I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I appreciate Melissa’s work. Her attention to detail, communication and willingness to assist Kelly has been a great help to me, and ultimately to our investigation. Being in the line of work we’re in I recognize that most often the feedback we receive is negative. So, I thought I’d take the time to share my positive experience working with Melissa.

    ~J Estis

“Great work on this file, I appreciate the turnaround time. We have concluded our investigation based on the investigators findings. Look forward to the next one.

    ~J Ferolie

“I appreciate everything that was done. Your company did a great investigation for us.”

    ~K Dicken

“Dear George,
Thank you, this is a great report and very detailed. I appreciate your updates throughout the day.”
    ~B DeVore


“Excellent Work!!”
    ~K Alvarado


“The investigator was wonderful. And the report was very thorough, thank you again.”

~E Karlsen

“You guys are great.  Thanks Jenn!”

~J Buce

“You all have done a fantastic job and we greatly appreciate the efforts!”

    ~C Lenatti

“I wanted to reach out to you regarding this assignment. Wanted to thank Jeff for the work on the file. He did all that I asked of him. Provided updates as he had them or as I requested them very timely. I understand he did not get what I was asking for but I do believe he did all he could have done other than daily door knocks. I see in the report he got some push back from the homes residents and I know at time that can be difficult especially face to face when he’s going to their residence.  Many people go out of their way to give complaints but just wanted to give a compliment for a change!!! Pass along my thanks.”

~N Mandarakas

“Just wanted to let you know that the guys from Lemieux were terrific, they were very cooperative and more importantly did an excellent job testifying. I think you should use these guys for surveillance whenever you need it!!”

    ~J Ficara


“Everything went very well, thanks for checking in Jenn! Lemieux is doing a good job as always!”

    ~A Anderson


“Thanks so much for contacting me. The service was excellent and if needed, I will definitely request to work with your office again.”

    ~L Smallwood


“Thank you for your help in locating and serving the deposition subpoenas to the 4 critical witnesses. Cherie ******* (key witness) and Officer Landrum appeared and testified at their deposition, which truly bolstered our liability defense. Furthermore, witnesses Thanee ***** and Justin ****** contacted defense counsel and made arrangements to testify on a different date. We thought it would be nearly impossible to get a hold of these witnesses, let alone have them care enough to show up for their depositions. But thanks to your persistence and persuasiveness, we now have their cooperation! (Investigator Rachelle Spinelli)

Again, thank you!”

    ~ J Chung

“This was an excellent job! Much appreciated. I will let you know as soon as I speak with our counsel regarding additional surveillance.”

    ~A Rovins


“Hi Deanna, could reopen and just do another fabulous social media scrape?”  

    ~ K McKenzie


Our Insured gave compliments to the investigator who went with him to take pics of the scene.  So, it’s not just me who loves ya’ll…Our insureds do too!!!”

    ~T Acoff


Leigh Ann,

If I have not said it a million times, here it is a million and one times….”I LOVE LEMIEUX”! Your company is prompt, thorough and complete.

    ~T Acoff

“Good morning Jenn –

My pleasure. You guys are the best when it comes to prompt communication, and obtaining all the information we need. Enjoy your weekend,”

    ~ E Phillips


Leigh Ann,

I must say that I am very happy with services provided by your company on this case.  It is always a pleasure working with you and your field staff work very efficiently. Thank you!

    ~D Alexander

“SUCCESS- This case was recently presented to the Plaintiff’s attorney and denied outright. Although they do not need any more surveillance, she is very pleased we got the results to close the case.”

    ~J Paglia

“Thank you, this is a great report and very detailed. I appreciate your updates throughout the day.”

    ~B DeVore


“Good morning,

Thank you, I appreciate your help and service. It was a pleasure speaking with your office yesterday. Deanna who helped me set up the assignment was extremely nice, pleasant and professional. Have a great day!”

    ~C Lanselle


“Thank you! You are the best! Hope you had a good weekend.”

    ~K Brysinski


“I think it’s going to be a good day. The first-time client that called me directly the week before sent this response. We completed her assignment in 6 days, that’s with report in hand. Of course, it was Nastacia working the case. Thank you! You are the best! Hope you had a good weekend.”

    ~K Brysinski


“Thank you, this is a great report and very detailed. I appreciate your updates throughout the day.”

    ~B DeVore


“Nice job on this one!!!! thanks for all your help!!!!”
    ~J Karpowicz

“Good afternoon!

I have received the recent emails from the investigator in regard to this claim and reviewed everything with my supervisor. As of now we are done investigating the policy holder and driver. You all have done a fantastic job and we greatly appreciate the efforts. If you need anything else from me you can respond via email or call. Thank you!”

    ~C Lenatti


    ~K Alvarado

“Thank you, you guys were great!”

    ~Nicole Lombardi


“Thank you, Ashley for all the great work you do"

    ~Attorney F Trotta

"Just reviewed some work by Michael Batten, it was excellent.”

    ~M Makholm


“Thank you so much for all of your great work on this case which was instrumental to its resolution.”

    ~C Mandell

“Thanks, Bob. Thanks for getting out there on Saturday. We really appreciate it.”

    ~B Haas

“Thanks for the work.  Your good work caused the settlement that was favorable to my client.”

    ~R Callahan

“The report was excellent - the investigator was superb in calling me direct and making sure I got what I needed.”

    ~A MacGregor

“I wanted to let you know that the surveillance results, which revealed the claimant’s functional ability (driving, etc.), helped me to broker a much more reasonable settlement than was originally demanded, potentially saving us six figures in future costs. Please relay this good news to the investigator(s), and I hope to be in touch soon with new assignment(s).”

    ~S Mayer

“I just got the update from Bob that this was taken care of and HAND delivered to our Legal Office.  Thank you so much for taking care of this so quickly. OMG!!!  You have no idea how much I TRULY LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!  This was such a relief.  I didn’t expect the hand delivery to legal.  WOW I’m extremely impressed with this investigator.  Words cannot express my gratitude. You guys are simply THE BEST!!!!! I thank you and your company from the bottom of my heart.”

    ~J Keating

“Hi Jennifer – Deanna is wonderful – I prefer setting up thru email so I can attach files.  Reports have come back super-fast!  I have not had to spend time following up.  This is great.  I have been working with Jeff and investigator Mike – They are both fantastic and keep me updated!  I truly appreciate this.  Your staff has been great.”

    ~J Keating

“TY Bob!!!! Again, you came through for me at the last minute. You guys are the best. I can always count on you. This is very reassuring when I need you.”

    ~J Keating

“Excellent!!! Thank you. Please tell Juan THANK YOU!!!! for saving the day as a default motion was filled with the court. What can I say! You guys are awesome. Thank you, Bob, for getting this completed. We can now avoid the pending default. Much appreciated!!!!”

    ~J Keating

“Dear Bob,

I just wanted to express my utmost gratitude to you and your employees.  Again, you have exceeded my expectations ahead of time and I truly appreciate it.  Your investigators are amazing.”  

    ~J Keating

“Hey Ashley – just wanted to give Doug some props on this one and something you can use for examples of how quickly things can get completed with you guys. This is great stuff. Thank you.”

    ~J Keating

“I was very happy with the service provided.  Although it was something we did not end up using, I felt the effort that was put in within the time constraints that we had was superior.  Bob was very easy to get a hold of and was able to accommodate my requests for video and updates quickly.”

    ~A Betts

“Excellent Jeff thank you!!

I knew Ashely would be able to handle this for us.  Another great example of the excellent customer services you guys provide.  I will be sure to share with people in the office.  Thanks again.”

    ~B Dahl

"Thanks, you guys always do such a great job"

    ~E Shelby

“Thank you for checking in! I have only had positive experiences with Lemieux & Associates, and my assignments have all been completed timely and with ease.  You are my go to Investigators! I will be sure to let you know if I ever encounter any problems.”

    ~M Slivka    


“Thank you and I will let you know. It’s not that often we can get so much information off the bat. Good for our investigation. Thank you.”

    ~R Himes


“Please tell Don thanks for the work and yourself as well. Really appreciate it.”

    ~W Shanks


“Shelby, it was a pleasure speaking to you yesterday during lunch. I really appreciate your support and always helpful disposition, along with your unmatched intelligence in your line of work. I will be sending another Theft claim, canvass type investigation this afternoon. But first I wanted to share with you in this email, my gratitude to you and your company for being an important part to my future success.”

    ~R Marcelo

“Thanks for a job well done, fast service.”

    ~E DeSenso

“Thank you for all your help!”

    ~A Guerrero

“Wow!!!! Thank you so much. This is quick. I have to apologize, I have not been able to return your call. I have been so busy. I had a great time meeting with Shelby and what I explained to her was basically timelines. It’s been awhile since then and I told Shelby I was open to try

Lemieux again which I am glad of and very impressed, I must say ☺”

    ~J Hill

“Ralph did a bang-up job as usual – he even was able to procure some additional documents to help me finish the case off quickly – just need the report from you guys when you have it ready – many thanks!”

    ~K Lauber


“I wanted to extend my sincere appreciation for the outstanding one day turn-around time on this person search. I’ve had successful results from your organization in the past and I will continue to utilize your services in the future. Looking forward to doing business with you again!     ~K Smith

“HI Ashley,

I just wanted to extend a note of appreciation on a new assignment. Deanna took the assignment from me on Wednesday, 10/21. It was to merely go to our insured home address to get an Affidavit of Insurance signed. (We had made several attempts to reach her, including sending the document to her in Spanish as she is Spanish speaking only.) I agreed that a 2-week turnaround was fine, then this morning, I come in to work to find the completed information in my email, sent by Juan, the investigator. My thanks for such quick turnaround, clear report and submission of the requested documentation. If that wasn’t enough, he followed up with a call to me this morning to make sure I got it. Much appreciated!!

    ~K Messer

“My thanks for such quick turnaround, clear report and submission of the requested documentation. If that wasn’t enough, he followed up with a call to me this morning to make sure I got it.

    ~K Messer

“In case you don’t hear it enough, you all do a fabulous job. Closing this claim is predicated on that document, so I appreciate all that your team does and the speed in which you do it!”

    ~K Messer

"You guys always do a good job, you deserve the business. I hope you received some responses from the promotion I forwarded a while ago."

    ~D Carter

“I wanted to extend my sincere appreciation for the outstanding one day turn-around time on this person search. I’ve had successful results from your organization in the past and I will continue to utilize your services in the future. Looking forward to doing business with you again!”

    ~K Smith

“You guys are awesome! Have a great weekend!”

    ~E Harty

“Thank you very much!! Great investigative work!!”

    ~N Lisborg


“I wanted to thank you and your team for your all of your efforts this past week. All of the surveillance activities were critical to formulating our strategy in defending against the claims. Please extend my appreciation to your entire team.”

    ~M Napoli-Lipsky


“Bob, I wanted to update you on this case. Prior to the surveillance, this matter was headed for trial due to the plaintiff's excessive and unyielding six figure demand. After we produced the reports and video provided by your investigators, the plaintiff became much more reasonable. This matter settled for less than half of the plaintiff's initial demand. (Investigators Chris Del Casino and Victor Lopez) Thank you and your team for their great investigation!”

    ~S Wells


“Thanks so much. The investigator was awesome & got a very detailed statement with my insured - I should mention they first found my insured to get the statement. Again, thank you for all your help!”

    ~A Ausberry


“Leigh Ann is doing a great job. Deanna from your office does a great job with my initial requests for investigation. She makes my job a lot easier.”

    ~J Phillips


“Thank you, Mike, that was a very quick turnaround! Wonderful.......”

    ~N Bell


“Good stuff Mike...OK to continue and thanks for the update. We have more flexibility on DCI cases relative to extending block timing, extending due dates, technique modifications, etc. due to the priority of obtaining good video evidence in a reasonably certain fraud situation. Let me know if I need to add more blocks to the assignment based on activity and Rick’s directives.

Nice Work Lemieux…”

    ~ A. Copeland


“Hi Mike,

You're on target again! Thank you for getting that done.”

    ~N Bell


“Hi Mike, video was just received. That was extremely quick! Love it!”

    ~N Bell


“Good morning Mike,

Thanks for your efforts on this. It's clear that you and your investigator went out of your way to try and make this one happen. Well done. Thank you for following all the breadcrumbs.”

    ~A. Copeland


“Can you please extend my thanks to the investigator? I really appreciate the work he’s done so far in regard to this claimant. Please let me know if I can assist further!”

    ~K Mushow


“Excellent Jeff thank you! I knew Ashely would be able to handle this for us.  Another great example of the excellent customer service you guys provide.  I will be sure to share with people in the office.  Thanks again.”

    ~B Dahl


“Everything is going very well. Very thorough updates.


    ~C Rojas


“Awesome Job by this investigator. George told me she was good. I was able to confirm through property records that our insured does own both properties. Please thank the investigator and George!!”

    ~B Logan


“YOU GUYS ROCK!!! :) Thank you SOOO very much for everything you do. I sincerely appreciate it!! Thank you!!”

    ~S Santiago


“This was a VERY difficult $2 Mil case; the claimant wanted $820K plus! Settled both his claims at $620K but that includes a large MSA of $248K which he will not see or get. I know it was hard to work and Bob and the guys had A LOT of challenges I cannot even fathom facing. I wanted to let you know how VERY grateful I am to work with such an amazing team!!!!!”

    ~S Santiago


“Nice work by the investigator...Thank you for the follow up!”

    ~T Sayre


"I love working with your service as always. I love working with great people I know will get me the information I need in a timely manner and everyone is so friendly. I have been in contact with Lisa on almost a daily basis and with her having her new baby girl she is always on top of everything. She's is the best!!!"

    ~S Ruzekowicz


“The report was great, we liked it a lot".

    ~D Carney


“Ashley, my compliments to the investigator on this one, very well done. Thank you.”

    ~D Corvel


"Your PI was super-fast!!! Like within hours of case assignment he was done. I got an email the case was set up, then I got an email the assignment was completed, very impressive!!

    ~N Go


“I can confidently say on behalf of our office we appreciate you, and your company’s professionalism. Shelby is our favorite vendor visitor and the case managers John and Jeff are great. Your name has also been spoken well of when adjusters call to assign cases. Thank you for all you do!!”

    ~N Go


“I am so thrilled with your service; thank you!!!!!”

    ~J Tennant


“GREAT WORK!!! This changes the ENTIRE case for us moving forward. You guys got a lot of video on this guy. We just got a request to pay for a total knee replacement on this case too.”

    ~J Demirjian


“The investigator was able to prove that the insured used a fake bill of sale trying to document his claim that they purchased a 2004 Freightliner M2 on 7/9/15, and, per the insured, the vehicle was involved in an accident that same day.”

    ~T Menz


“I would like to thank you and your team for the exceptional service they provided to our firm recently. Bob Reese always kept us informed and the investigators provided information that was instrumental to our case. When we needed additional services last minute, Bob and the rest of the team were able to deliver without hesitation. We look forward to utilizing your services in the future and will be sure to recommend Lemieux and Associates to any colleagues that are in need of your services. Have a wonderful holiday.”

    ~D McInnis


“Excellent. Thanks so much for your work! This is good stuff.”

    ~S Moore

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