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Mission | To be the gold standard by which all other investigative agencies are measured.

Future Vision

We will achieve our mission by unlocking the extraordinary potential of our most valuable assets, our

employees. We will hire only experienced managers and investigators, and we will commit to positively

impact their lives, as well as the lives of their families. Happy, fulfilled professionals will take the extra steps

necessary to make our clients’ lives easier, which will allow us to build lasting relationships and ensure

long term success.

Core Values

Core values are what support our vision, shape our culture, and reflect what our company values.

1. Communication

a. Listen attentively for better understanding.

b. Maintain calm poise in stressful situations.

c. Be direct and honest throughout all communication.

2. Loyalty

a. Care intensely about the success of the agency. A rising tide raises all boats.

b. Routinely demonstrate being supportive of co-workers.

c. Be courageous and committed both personally and professionally.

3. Integrity

a. Adhere to moral and ethical principles, even when it does not provide personal benefit.

4. Passion

a. Live each day with passion and inspire others to do the same.

b. Be relentlessly curious.

c. Celebrate victories, no matter how small.

5. Impact

a. Take pride in producing exceptional results.

b. Take action!

c. Hold and set the highest standards.

6. Benevolence

a. Act with social consciousness.

b. Respect the human dignity of everyone.

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