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Our job is to make our clients’ lives easier

Our Story

L&A Mission
Beginning in 2004, Lemieux & Associates was built with the philosophy that we never wanted to be the biggest investigative agency, just the best. A company that resembled the type of business that the owners, George Lemieux and Bob Molnar, always wanted to work for when they were in the field. A place where employees were hired not by their entry level price tag, but based on their talent, willingness to contribute, and their dedication to produce the highest-level work product. This model would earn us business by offering the greatest value to our clients. We envisioned building relationships with clients where communication and collaboration were the foundation of a mutually beneficial partnership.
We first used this philosophy to become a successful local company in the Northeast. We built on this success to become an exceptional regional company on the East Coast, and we will now utilize this philosophy to become an incomparable, truly national, investigative agency. With company licensure in all 48 contiguous states, as well as Washington D.C., our dedicated team of investigators, consisting of employees not sub-contractors, will be able to make our clients’ lives easier countrywide.

Lemieux and Associates is extremely proud of the corporate culture we have worked so hard to create. The best part of this culture is it extends to our family of satisfied clients, and we have their words to back our claim.


“Thanks so much for helping me on this difficult assignment. Juan was very efficient and professional and took the extra step to drop off the completed paperwork directly to our office after meeting with the client. I look forward to working with him again.”  

 ~ G Sniadack

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