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Making our client’s lives easier one case at a time.

Legal Research and Writing

2. Social Media Profiles & Web-pages

3. License & Business Verifications

1. Database Information

  • Personal Identifying Details

  • Contact Information

  • Address History & Property Ownership

  • Work Affiliations

  • Professional & Recreational Licenses

  • Professional & Recreational Licenses

  • Criminal Records, Bankruptcies, Docket

  • Records, Liens & Judgments

  • Relatives, Associates, & Neighbors


  1. Relevant social media profiles, websites, and articles located through the cross-referencing of both provided and developed data.

  2. Details regarding a subject’s loss, subsequent injuries, activity level, and prior claims.

  3. Potential hobbies, travels, employment opportunities, and related posts from family and friends.

Every investigation includes a comprehensive summary
of the findings.

Office of a web design company

Why choose Lemieux?


At Lemieux & Associates, the majority of our cases begin with a foundation laid by our unit of highly skilled, specifically trained investigators, known as the Desktop Team. Through the utilization of multiple subscription-based databases, social media outlets, and Internet resources, they are able to address the individual needs of each client. High quality, efficiency, and communication are the core values of this team, and more importantly, our company.



“I just wanted to say thank you. The difference in work

product with your company and the other vendor is night and day. I can only kick myself for not trying you guys before.”
– N. Ross


“The pre-surveillance report that was provided to me had more detail in it than I could have possibly imagined...I am very happy with the report I received, and this is BEFORE any surveillance was conducted.”
– K. Shanks

Cost Effective Services

Pre-surveillance / Social Media Investigations

With Surveillance: $50

Pre-surveillance / Social Media Investigations

Without Surveillance: $199*

*If a social media case is re-opened for

surveillance within seven days, $149 will be waived.

Learn more about our services.

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