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Uncovering unknown medical conditions, prior injuries, and treatment can have a significant impact, improving the value of your claim.

A medical canvass is a directed search of a predetermined area, developed by injury specifics, medical specialty, directed request, and address history. The goal of a canvass is to determine if the subject has received treatment at a certain location. If records are present, we determine the specifics required by the facility or provider to secure the files.
  • A medical canvass is a powerful tool when combined with a
    social media and/or a background report

  • Our medical canvasses are comprehensive, extensive, and thorough

  • Our medical canvasses are cost-effective and save you time

  • Medical canvasses for claims professionals by claims professionals

A Medical Canvass can uncover records that make an ironclad difference in a claim investigation. Paired with Record Retrieval a positive outcome is just a few steps away.

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