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Services that can make an immediate impact on your claim!

Medical Canvass, Record Retrieval, and Comprehensive Medical File with Summary are interconnected services that save you time and money while providing the results you need.

Medical Canvass

A medical canvass is a tool that can make a huge impact on claim acceptance, denial, and resolution. It can provide a wealth of information and make a difference in a claim evaluation and settlement. This tool is especially useful when red flags are present, medical history is unclear or a need to authenticate treatment exists. The process involves a thorough search of a predetermined area(s) utilizing specific criteria targeting medical specialties to identify treatment the subject may have omitted in error or intentionally.

Medical canvassing is conducted by our skilled professionals using in part databases, public records, skills, and knowledge. They verify medical facilities and develop organic leads the subject may have visited and not previously disclosed.


Here are the major benefits of a medical canvass:

  1. Identifying previously unknown medical treatment: A medical canvass can identify the location of medical treatment and facilities that the injured party may not have disclosed to the carrier or other medical providers. In some cases, the subject may not disclose medical treatment because they just do not remember, oversight, or are simply unaware of its relevance to the case.

  2. Verifying medical treatment: A medical canvass can also verify the medical treatment the injured party has disclosed. This is important because medical records may contain critical information to establish a baseline of care, pre-existing conditions, or degree of severity.

  3. Supporting the claims process: A medical canvass can help support the claims evaluation process by providing missing pieces of a medical history and filling critical gaps. This information can provide a sound basis for a negotiated settlements. At the other end, it can authenticate and support the foundation for a sound resolution.

  4. Depositions, statements, and investigations: A canvass can assist in validating or refuting a statement or representations. In a deposition or trial setting, a medical canvass can surface non-disclosed issues that could be the difference between victory and defeat. Imagine the non-disclosure of treatment to a treating physician or IME. Adding a canvass, makes a world of difference when contemplating a medical or legal evaluation.

Why should you use L&A for your medical canvass needs?

Lemieux & Associates offers thorough and comprehensive medical canvasses by claims professionals for claims professionals. We give our clients the greatest ROI, understanding the need and use for medical canvass. Our medical canvass is not a "check the box" search but one that provides the most complete picture of a claimant's medical history available.


Our medical canvasses are always done ethically and professionally. We never utilize pre-texting and we employ expertise and skill to produce superior impactful results.


A medical canvass conducted by L&A is an invaluable tool for claims professionals to obtain critical information We save you valuable time and resources identifying previously unknown medical care, verifying treatment, and supporting the claims evaluation process.

Combine your canvass with our seamless records retention service and take your process to the next level at L&A. Ask us how a combined Medical Canvass, Social Media, Court Check will give you a time-saving, 360 degree view of your case. Add an extra edge to your case, make better, more informed decisions, and get the best results with L&A

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Comprehensive Medical File with Summary

Reviewing extensive records from many sources can be overwhelming, time consuming, and expensive. We can help!

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Record Retrieval

Our dedicated team of professionals utilizes a proven process and public resources, along with cutting-edge techniques, to obtain your records quickly and efficiently.

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