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Case Management System Overview

Profile Setup

Profile Setup:

Once set up in our system, you will receive an auto-generated email with instructions to set up a username and password. If you did not receive an email, please check your junk/spam folder or reach out to us to resend login instructions,

Case List

Viewing Your Case List:

Upon logging in, the homepage will display a list of all historical cases, which can be filtered by various case status’s or sorted by selecting the header, ie: Date created.”


Clicking on the associated Case Number (in column 1), will open the overview page for the associated case file.


Pro Tip:
customize your list to fit your work style


You can then customize what information is displayed by selecting “Customize List.” i.e., if you prefer your Claim Number to appear on the overview page, select “Reference No.”

Case Files:

  • The “Overview” tab consists of the case details and special instructions.

  • The “Updates” tab consists of the case communication.

  • The “Subject” tab consists of all subjects set up within the case (typically pinned to the front of the “Overview” tab).

  • The “Files” tab consists of all the files uploaded to the case.

Case Files

Setting up a New Case:

You can set up a new case while logged into the case portal by selecting “New Case” on the initial overview page.


The menus take you through selecting the case type, services, special instructions, subject information, as well as files (an individual file size of up to 5 GB is supported).

New Case

Pro Tip - Updating Cases:

Case updates are the primary means of communication within the system.  Using case updates, you can quickly and easily report your findings back to a case, as well as upload photos, documents or videos for to review. If you “Reply” back to an update, it will remain in the associated thread within the case file.

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